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Develop the Ability to Innovate

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At Infinite Leaps Pte Ltd, we specialize in providing innovation consulting services to organizations that focus on deeptech and digital solutions.


Based in Singapore, we have a global reach, and our team of experts is equipped to help businesses of all sizes and industries stay ahead of the curve.


With our guidance and support, our clients can navigate the rapidly evolving tech landscape, identify new opportunities, and develop effective strategies for growth and success.


Whether you're looking to optimize your existing operations, explore new markets, or innovate in exciting new areas, we're here to help you achieve your goals.


See how we can support your innovation agenda


See how we created value and achieved our clients intended outcomes.


Meet our people, and learn about our interests and experiences


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My Startup Journal

For founders by founders.


Introducing "My Startup Journal" an all-in-one Guide, Diary and Notebook to help you validate your startup idea.

Great for first-time founders in accelerator & incubator programmes, aswell as serial entrepreneurs!

🚀 Fuel your entrepreneurial journey with expert guidance, validation tools, and reflection exercises. 

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