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Corporate Innovation

Building A (Corporate) Innovation Culture & Mindset


Clients approach Infinite Leaps Pte Ltd to help in their innovation methods. Often they have tried multiple ways but the results are slow or insignificant. In most cases the problem is not the methodology, but rather the lack of a common culture, language and mindset.

Infinite Leaps Pte Ltd has wide experience in running programmes that can help develop a common culture, language, mindset and methodology for innovation. Our frameworks and tools are adapted to the organization (One organization is not the same as the other!) and lend themselves from common methodologies such as Lean, Design Thinking, WhereToPlay and others.


Our consultants facilitate workshops (typically 1-2 days) and bootcamps (3+ days, spread out over a period of time) in which participants learn and experience the process and rigors of innovation projects. We are able to adapt the material based on the industry, technical/non-technical participants and seniority.


Depending on the client needs, and the design of the workshop/bootcamps, the outcomes can be various

  • More innovative and entrepreneurial workforce (measured through surveys & projects completed)

  • Increase in the number of experiments conducted by the participants in the normal course of business

  • Increase in ideas put forward, and participation in challenges

Our Experience

We facilitated sessions in Singapore, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, The Netherlands, US and France.

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