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Corporate Innovation

Reduce Seedling Mortality (Agriculture)


Our consultants were engaged by one of the largest providers of agricultural science and technology (in particular seeds and pesticides) to help tackle the severe seedling mortality in the early stages. In india, seedlings are susceptible to extreme heat and/or fungal infections due to the hot and humid microclimate beneath the mulching sheets.

Our Approach

Our consultants engaged with the local farmers in India to uncover the best conditions for growing seedlings in hot and humid microclimates. Based on a suggestion of the farmers we looked into various "cups" that could be placed around the seedling. The cups needed to be biodegradable to avoid additional waste.


Our team sourced various "cups" made from different materials such as bagasse, paper, cornware and others. Two materials were selected and 500 cups each were ordered for field testing in India.

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