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Building Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystems


The Singapore Cooperation Programme by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore, supports foreign governments with technical assistance in the design and development of policies and programmes for economic and social progress.

Our Approach

Together with corporate and government partners we distilled the lessons learned from Singapore's own Innovation & Entrepreneurship ecosystem development. Ecosystem development goes beyond the providing of funds for startups. The focus should be on providing the resources which the funding is usually used for - talent development, workspace, mentors - and ensuring the right mentality and mindset amongst all stakeholders in the ecosystem (long term, collaborative, GRIT).


Our consultants facilitated 2 programmes under the SCP programme (1 online, 1 in-person in Singapore) focused on the Singapore Innovation & Entrepreneurship ecosystem.


- Action Community for Entrepreneurs

- A*StartCentral

- Enterprise Singapore

- Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Ngee Ann Polytechnic (The Sandbox)

- National University of Singapore

- Nanyang Technological University

- SGInnovate

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