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Entrepreneurship - Does Your Startup Idea Make Sense?


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About the Course

My intention is simple: to teach you quick, easy and actionable tools to validate your startup idea. This course is NOT about how to build a startup - rather, it's about whether or not you should continue with your idea BEFORE you start your startup. This course will teach you quick tools and frameworks to apply immediately. I can say with confidence that if you spend just 1 hour applying the tools, that you will save yourself many hours, money and human resources down the line.

Many teams take the plunge into building only to waste resources on products/services that are not desirable, or business models that are not viable. I don't want you to just learn how to use the tools and frameworks - I care about your understanding in interpreting the data through using the tools, and thereby helping you to drive your decision making and probability of startup success.

Unique in this course is that it covers both Hardware (technology/products) and Digital (apps/website) solutions, and is applicable to both startup and corporate entrepreneurship environments. Most courses focus primarily on the tools for digital products (apps/websites) but I want to give you a broader toolbag. Hardware requires a different approach than digital due to longer time commitments, larger resources required and especially patience required on part of the investor.

Your Instructor

Randall Sie

Randall Sie
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