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Finding Your Sweet Spot in a Digital Future (SkillsFuture Course)


SGD 2,268 (SGD 260.40 after MAX Funding)


2 Full days, In-person


About the Course

Recent global developments have had unforeseen economic and social impact. But rather than depend on, and react to forces beyond one’s control, how can we start to take control and master our future in a digital environment? Let’s ensure that everyone can create their own opportunities!

Progress in life is all about reinvention - and thereby gain an advantage that will enable you to deliver value in a sustainable manner.

This innovation strategy course is for individuals who want to learn how to discover and start on the development of digital value propositions. This course will provide you with the tools and mindset to:

  • Strategically analyse the current and future digital landscape and discover where you can add sustainable value

  • Use a construct to understand the drivers of value in digital transformations

  • Identify how you can play a part, and manage and contribute to digital transformations

  • Discover the high-level skills (e.g. ecosystem-building, growth hacking, etc) that you need to unlearn and relearn to thrive in the new economy

Case studies and practical exercises are provided throughout this course to teach the learners about real-life practical examples of how to identify and communicate the value.

View the course promotional video on the NUS Business School Website:

Your Instructor

Randall Sie & Others

Randall Sie & Others
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