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My Startup Journal


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About the Course

Introducing "My Startup Journal" – your trusted companion on the path to startup success! For founders by founders. 

This all-in-one diary, guide and notebook empowers you to record and reflect on your first 40 customer validation interviews, transforming insights into actionable steps that solve a customers problem. Unleash your entrepreneurial potential, validate assumptions, and unlock growth with our thoughtfully designed templates, reflection prompts, and interview guides. Stay organized, inspired, and focused as you navigate the exciting journey of turning your startup dreams into reality.

Unlike many other startup manuals and journals, this journal takes a unique approach by emphasizing the importance of problem-centric validation through 40 customer interviews. While others may focus on solutioning (pushing ideas and seeking feedback; setting a 60-90 day action plan), this journal encourages you to prioritize understanding the customer and their problem to solve, and obtaining sufficient customer validation before diving into solutions. By starting with a solid foundation of validated customer insights, you can build a stronger and more effective solution that truly addresses the needs of your target market, increasing your chances of startup success.

Use "My Startup Journal" and gain the essential edge you need to conquer the challenges of entrepreneurship. Start validating with confidence today and build the foundation for a successful startup.


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Language: English

Size: 6.14 X 9.21 inch

Number of pages: 159

ISBN-13 979-8398074659

Author/Developer: Randall Sie (Infinite Leapts Pte Ltd)

Your Instructor

Randall Sie

Randall Sie
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